Ethan’s Portrait

This portrait was a commissioned birthday present for my brother’s girlfriend’s brother. His sister wanted an distinguished portrait of him. Nothing is more pompous than one of those ruffled collars and a hamlet pose. The original artwork was Frans Hals – Portrait of a Man Holding a Skull.

It was featured on the front page of Reddit.

To create this portrait I used a low res image of the original painting and repainted it in Photoshop with new brushstrokes so that it looked painted  and not pixelated. Ethan’s head was added with the same style brushstrokes as the original. I did all the painting with my Wacom tablet.

Let me know if you’re interested in commissioning me do one of you. Send me a message. It will be fun!

Detail of Ethan’s portrait.


Portrait was printed on canvas at 20×30 inches. Here it is on our mantelpiece.